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New York tax planning services

Tax Planning is probably the most profitable investment you’ll ever make in your business. It does not require you to work a minute harder nor longer than you do now, and yet, it delivers substantial profit every year. The average tax savings due to a properly executed tax plan is $4,256 to $98,425 annually on average, depending on your industry & income.

Last year our team conducted 1,356 tax assessment consultations. 94% of those business owners have never had a tax plan done for their business, which explains why they were overpaying their taxes by so much.

That is not surprising. Most accountants are not trained to do a thorough Tax Plan. The tax code is 70,000 pages long, and coming up with a custom plan that delivers minimum taxation for you and your business requires more than the skill of an accountant. It involves a team of tax attorneys, financial planners & accountants, which is how we built our tax planning team.

On average, we deploy 85 tax strategies and run 200 tax plan simulations to define the tax plan that will deliver the most tax savings for you and your business.

In our continually evolving tax environment, tax planning must be proactive, not reactive. That’s why we work with you throughout the year to develop and refine your tax plan.

For new businesses, we identify which business structure will bring the most tax savings and allow you to become profitable quicker. For established businesses, we analyze your finances to find ways to control tax exposure.

At Carmeli Partners, we’ll identify which tax minimization strategies are available for your particular industry and how best to apply them in your specific circumstances.

Tax Accountant in New York, NY

Stop donating your hard-earned money to the IRS. Schedule your free tax assessment consultation online, or call us at 917-727-5150. Learn more about our tax planning services, and how much a custom tax plan will save you in taxes this year and every year forward.

  • Minimizing taxes for small businesses
  • Income tax planning for individuals
  • Multi-state tax compliance
  • Succession planning
  • Estate tax planning